Saturday, September 25, 2010


Our Summer was a bit strange, this year. The weather was pretty much our fall weather. Now that it's fall, Summer barely hit us yesterday -- hot!

We haven't been socializing Yuki lately. Other than when we walk & we see dogs. She still goes crazy when she sees an unfamiliar dog. She doesn't mind the ones we see frequently.

I also saw a Shiba a few weeks ago in a car while the owner walked out of Starbucks. I asked if that was his dog & he said yes! He told me that he had a problem walking her because every time they see a dog, he has to cross the street because she gets dog-reactive, like Yuki. He told me jokingly that it's not fair how other shibas get along with people AND other dogs! Oh, i know that feeling! I told him to join the Shiba Inu group on I don't even know his name, but his shiba is a sesame named Ruby.

Yuki was SO itchy during summer. She'd itch as if she had fleas! Chewing & scratching herself. Well, we did catch maybe 1-5 fleas, but she doesn't have any now. She just have allergies, sneezing & itching.

I have been selling a few key chains, which is great! My mother had been in the hospital for a couple of days ,so there wasn't any new listings for a few days. But, she is doing well now & is recovering from surgery, so all will be back & running!

I would like to be more specific on the donations. For every handmade Shiba Inu Puppy Key Chains sold, $1 will be donated to Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue.

Anywho, I'm already getting into the holiday spirit because of QVC.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


I have been crafting away for a couple of days now... & I created these:

Shiba Inu key chains! I have given it a lot of thought & I am selling it through Etsy.

I know there are many people around southern California who help find homes, foster, transport & rescue shibas. I had gotten a taste of it with Al & Ruth & it's A LOT OF WORK!

I talked to Masako ( and asked her if we had a socal shiba rescue group & she had mentioned Michelle & I talked to her.

So... for every handmade shiba key chains are sold, portions of the proceeds are going to Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue as a thank you & to help those shibas in need.

Photogenically not.

Every time I take pictures of Yuki, She looks away or is always moving. Unless I catch her off guard or i have a treat in my hand. Yuki's a beautiful Shiba with A.D.D. -- or really hates getting her pictures taken... like me!

Well, here she is. She was supposed to be my little Shiba model... You can guess how many takes I had took to get the final photo (which i didn't show).

It's been awhile... Again

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