Monday, July 12, 2010


Hello everyone! Sorry for the MIA. Was just reminded to update from Demondogsports blog!
Anywho! Since the last time we blogged (3 months ago), Yuki has improved greatly with her dog-reactive issue.
Well, I really believe that she has trust issues with other dogs that she isn't farmiliar with. We usually run into Buster & Taz (two other neighborhood shibas), which she would constantly bark at & would try to attack upon approachment. Then, would be fine afterwards -- determining her alpha role, i guess.
But lately, besides the fact that she walks like she's about to do a sneak-attack, she's fine! They get sorta close to each other & she's still fine! I think she's gotten a bit comfortable now around them and is beggining to trust them. Buster & Taz's owner gets pretty surprised when that happens.
Now... If I take her to the Annual Shibapalooza Meetup & there are all these unfarmiliar dogs, I'm afraid she'll just bark nonstop. We'll see!

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  1. Cute picture!
    Great job Yuki - you'll be great at Shibapalooza. Zuko is jealous he can't go but it is a loooong drive for us!


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