Sunday, October 03, 2010

Emergency Preparedness for your dogs


So that was the weather for the past week. It's freaking me out a bit because... isn't that the pattern before some sort of natural disaster? Like an earthquake, perhaps? Maybe...

I've been sick & it gave me time to think (and sleep). Having Yuki in my life now makes me worried if something did occur. I don't know what I would do if Yuki were to run away... or something worse. It's something I hate to think about, but if I don't take care of it now, I'll regret it later.

Yuki happens to have a duffle bag right by the door with items we use often such as: toys, grooming brushes, a few treats, toothpaste, nail file and flea/bedding spray. I need to add a few more items...

If you feel the same way as I do, here are a few ways to help you & your pet... just in case.

PET FOOD: Always keep a weeks worth of extra food on hand for each of your pet. There may not be chances of running to the pet-store to get them food. They have expiration dates, so keep checking it. I know this by experience of the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Powers went out, everyone dashed to the market & everything was SOLD OUT! It was a learning experience.

EMERGENCY KIT: Collect the following items & keep them safely in a duffle bag:
- First aid guide & kit (you can get it from your vet), Medical history, Photo of you & your pet(s), PET TAGS, Pet medication, Poop bags, Leash, Collar/Harness, Capped/Collapsable bowl, Pet food, Can-opener, Gloves, Muzzle, Plastic bags, Grooming supplies, Toys, Splinting materials, blanket, disinfectants, Paper towels.

Please visit this link for more in-depth information: Earthquake Preparedness for Pets Handout

I just added her sweater, poopy bags, dog license, muzzle & extra leash, collar and harness that we have. Still need to get a few more things.

Good luck everyone... & if you have any suggestions on this, please let me know!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October!

To start off the month, Yuki was such a sweetie. She was helping me look for my glue-stick in my drawing/art supplies bin. It was too cute. Unfortunately we didn't find it. So I went down stairs to make something to eat, while she goes & lays on the stairs. As I was about to walk up the stairs...

i looked at her... while she stares back a me like this:

What was this? Had she gotten into something she shouldn't have while I was cooking? I got a bit angry & I told her "BAD GIRL!"

I stood there thinking what she could have gotten into. Thinking... Thinking... Eureka! THE CHARCOAL DRAWING! I felt bad for saying she's a bad girl 'cause she wasn't doing anything. I just started to laugh. 'Cause look at her -- she has a beard! She's like an Inverted Black/Tan Shiba!

I tried to wash it off, & guys... I got a bit, so it's not as dark, but (sigh) -- NO luck! I guess she'll have to get a bath soon!

Oh.. I think this has to be the cover of her halloween exchange cards!

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