Monday, June 27, 2011

Educational Dog Flyers

Finally. The long awaited time (for me) is over. I have listed my new project on the Etsy shop.

They are Educational Dog Flyers. No, silly. Not to educate dogs - but, to educate dog owners about NOT leaving dogs in the car. Too many people think it's alright. It's not alright, especially when the dog suffers from heat exhaustion, dehydration or even death.

When I was going to the mall, we parked beside a van with a chihuahua inside. The windows were opened only about 1/2 an inch - no exaggeration. The poor pup was panting and barking. There was already a note left on the wind shield (by a very funny smart-ass, I might add). I also left another one. We we parted after about 30 minutes to an hour, we saw that the van was gone & the notes were thrown on the ground. One of many incidents.

Not only do I believe in this, I was inspired by another flyer & all those dogs I've seen locked up in cars with only a crack in the window. Also, I was sick of looking for a pen & paper - hah!

For every listing purchased, $1 will be donated to Saving Shibas Inc (

Last project, the Key Chains, I was only able to donate a little over $20 to Southern California Shiba Inu Rescue. It wasn't much, but it was something. Thanks to you guys.

My goal with these flyers is to donate over $100 to the rescue. Wish me luck!

Check out the Etsy shop feed to your right, OR - click here: Educational Dog Flyers


  1. I was in Arizona last week and it was 105 degrees one day. Stopped in a parking lot to get some ice cream with friends and noticed a boxer in the car with the windows cracked, panting like crazy. I was furious! My wife and I stood there making a big scene about it for a while, and as we walked off the dog owner wizened up and took the dog out(guess he heard us).

    I never EVER leave Suki in the car, I don't care if it's a cold summer day in SF. I'm totally getting some of these!

  2. Hi Jonathan - I know exactly how you & your wife feel. If you know you're going to leave you're pet in the car, don't bring them at all!

    Hope to see the three of you next weekend!


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