Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pet Communicator

As we sat down, Dr. Monica asks us for her age & tries to get a read on Yuki. She begins to explain to us that animals communicate through telepathy and sends movie clips or photos to her.

She told us that Yuki is very thankful that we saved her & that she doesn't asks for anything more because we give her everything she needs & she loves us. This alone just made me a bit emotional, lol.

We asked about her past:
She told us that someone let Yuki go. She was never physically abused, but was treated like a thing. This is why she's happy with us because we treat her like she's someone. She was always hungry. She's happy being the only dog.

We asked about her behavior issue:
She's been around a lot of dogs. She snaps at other dogs because she wants to let them know that she wants her space.

We asked about why she goes in the house in the room nobody goes in:
She says Yuki thinks she's a princess & she likes her privacy. She doesn't like anyone watching her go to the bathroom. She asked if there was any way we can install a doggy door for her. She wants me to let her explore the outdoors more often. Also, she enjoys the outdoors so much that sometimes she'll forget to go.

We asked why she sometimes throws up in the morning:
She said we need split Yuki's meals into 3 because Yuki eats too fast.

Then it ended because we only had 10 minutes. Most of the things she got on-point. When she said that Yuki likes being the only dog, it made me a bit sad because I wanted to get her a brother or sister. Second opinion anyone? Haha.

When she told us that Yuki thought she was a Princess, it made me & Ron laugh. When we adopted her, Her pink collar said Princess on it. They also named her Princess at the Shelter. Since then, I just allow her to do what she wants (sniffing and exploring) on our walk. She seems a bit happier... and as long as she does her business, I'm happy!

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