Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Thank you.

November is a special month to me. Besides it being my birthday month; I enjoy more the food, laughter, reminiscence of childhood memories and the togetherness of family and friends.

I would also like to give an early thanks to Yuki. I can't stress this enough, but if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have met everyone who've left foot prints in my life since I've adopted her. You've made my life more enjoyable and I have not yet been annoyed of any of you. Seriously, I get easily annoyed of people and their tendencies that I tend to hideout for a few days until those feelings disperse. But to each and every one of you... Nope. Well, not yet anyway ;)

So to give thanks to everything you do and for being you.. from NOW until December 1st:

$4.00 donation to Saving Shibas Inc. from each order of the educational dog flyer and Free Shipping with the coupon code THANX4INUS at Chasing Paper crafts.

And I have finally added on the right side how much money was raised from the dog flyers so far. $16... lets keep it coming my friends!

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