Tuesday, April 03, 2012

4/3: At the vet

Every morning, Yuki wakes up energetic. She'll either bark at the dogs outside, howl at me to get my ass out of the bed or jump on the bed when I tell her to and lay beside me.

Today was really out of the norm. She woke up and just sat there. I told her to jump on the bed, she didn't. I could tell she wanted to because she went on the side of the bed where she usually would jump up from.

She finally jumped up after much hesitation, tried to get comfortable and laid beside me with her ears down and eyes wide open... She wasn't comfortable. She wasn't relaxed.

When I told her let's go for a walk, she jumped off the bed and screamed.

I freaked.

I made sure it wasn't just a little accident.

She was hurt. She wouldn't walk much.

I brought her to the bathroom and kept her in there while I took a quick shower... Just in case anything happens.

I opened the bathroom door and she just stared at me. Only took 3 steps out and stayed there.

I put her harness on her and carried her downstairs. Ron arrived. I carried her outside and placed her on the grass to see if she needed to pee. She just followed me and sat beside me. Not normal. So we left to the vet hospital. We stopped on the side of the road  near a grassy area to see if she needed to pee. I tried to adjust her to carry her out of the car and she screamed.

Back on the road to the vet.

We got here and she sat in the car with her hudad on his lap while I went inside. Ron told me he opened the door to let more air in. Yuki looked down to the floor and screamed. She started to shake and looked over to the passenger side and tried to nip Ron...

I carried her in and placed her on the floor while the vet assisted her to the back...

Here we are waiting because today is over-booked and we were those annoying walk-in patients...

Poor Yuki...

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  1. Oh man. I hope it's little something that can be fixed up fast. Yuki and you guys will be on my mind today...

    - Kaiju's human

  2. so sorry to hear this. keep us all in the loop. we're thinking of you guys. shiba love.


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