Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Update 4: 4/3 Vet Visit

We were able to nap for about an hour and a half together on the floor. She still whines.

I took her out in case she wanted to do her business. When we stepped outside, she barked at a dog that was passing by... Huh.. Normal in that department. She was able to do #2 normally - most likely due to the medication...

Who would have thought that watching your dog perch over normally to poop was a nice site to see? We walked right back home afterwards -- no pee. Which worries me. She won't drink.

This is how she stands at times before the pain medication. Her hind legs are a little bent and her tail droops.

And this is how she looks with the medication. Dazed and dilated pupil, open jaw that won't close. In fact, she is staring at me like that right now.

I should be recieving the results some time tomorrow...

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  1. Well at least there is some comfort in the medication working for her. I hope you get good news!

  2. when kaiju had his knee surgery at 5 month, for a while afterward, he couldn't poop without us holding his rear upright for him. the first try (without our help) was terrible. he fell over his own poop. it made me cry. so when he finally started holding himself up well enough to poop, it was definitely something to celebrate. hopefully it's only uphill from here for you guys!

    - kaiju's human

  3. Oh poor Yuki! I only just read all posts from yesterday. Snick and I will be thinking about you guys and Yuki. Hopefully it passes with no long term effects.


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