Monday, July 18, 2011

Shibapalooza 2011

This past weekend was the 6th Annual Shiba Picnic (aka Shibapalooza) at Yorba Linda Regional Park. A few of the #twibas (Twitter Shibas) were able to take a trip all the way to Socal to participate in the picnic.

We were able to meet Zuko, Tokyo, Rinji & Mika, Mika & Kyuubi and a couple of other Shibas & bloggers like Chloe and Flickr Fame, Suki. We also saw Taro again!

Yuki was guarded as usual & wanted her space. She snapped at a couple of dogs, but actually got to Kyuubi's face before Jonathan took the group photo - which got me pretty upset. But, when it came to treats, it took her focus off of other dogs for a bit - especially when Zuko's momma were giving her cheese & salmon.

We had an appointment with the Pet Communicator as well. What she told us was pretty interesting. It's time for me to head to work, so I'll continue that on the next blog.

In the meantime, here are a few photos:
I wish I was able to take my time taking more photos, but Yuki was a bit of a handful & mostly listened to me than Ron.

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  1. Yuki looks a lot like our Kitsu! They sure are a great breed. We have 3 rescued Shibas. Kitsu's photo is on my flickr account. ka8t45


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