Friday, April 24, 2009


She was brought home April 14th 2009. We adopted her from an animal shelter. During the car ride back home, she threw up on me while her daddy was driving!

We took her on a really long walk. She was very curious and got excited around other dogs. Two fights broke out since we had her, after we let her sniff. She's been alright on walks. Doesn't get bark-crazy when she sees another calm dog. Any ideas how I can get her not to be so nipy after she sniffs dogs? That's how the fight began or when we walk and other digs are barking at her.

She didn't potty until 2 days later and she hardly ate until then. We took her to the vet on the 17th. We kept her outside until the vet called us in. She has a clean bill of health. We just need to get her fecal tested. She barked like crazy in the room because she heard dogs out of our room.

We gave her a bath a few days ago and we used treats, but ran out and she started to hate it and whined, lol. She's dirty again, how do you clean your shiba's paw?

She sleeps in side with her daddy and sometimes comes over and stays with me. She doesn't like toys, but she loves her kong -- only because there's peanut butter ! She also loves her harness because she knows she's going to go outside, so she sits there patiently for us to put it on her.

Yesterday was the first time she was being really playful with me! Running in the house telling me to follow her and wagging her booty and barking, so cute!

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  1. Hi Yuki and family~

    Yuki is such a cutie! (We're keeping an eye on you on Twitter, too!) Winnie is also pretty snarky on leash - she's nice for a brief second and then gets snippy. I've been trying to let her go in for a quick sniff, and then distract her by calling her or asking her to sit. Sadly, I only have about a 50% success rate with her focusing on me. We've been working on this at agility class and it's been improving. (At least she's getting comfortable with the other dogs being so near to her.) Oddly, when she's off leash - she's not bad at all.

    Congratulations on becoming a Shiba parent!


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