Tuesday, June 02, 2009


It was time for Yuki's evening walk so we skateboarded with her. A lady named Amy, who was also walking her 10 y/o pooch,  stopped me (while Ron & Yuki went ahead) & she asked if she was our dog. We began to conversate & she told me there are 2 other people around the neighborhood who also has shibas & they usually walk right before sunset. Ron had came back and we tried to let Yuki meet Amy's pup. Amy's pup wasn't having it & didn't want Yuki to be near her. I'll keep note to walk her here around sunset. Maybe she, or even we, will make new friends.

Later, an elderly gentlemen came with his 13 y/o hound name Snuggles. Yuki tried to sniff as usual and a fight almost happened. After Snuggles peed on the tree, Yuki tried to sniff him again and she nipped his ear & Snuggles began to bleed! I felt so bad. Snuggles went back to his apartment and had to have ointment put on him. After Snuggles left, so did Amy. Hopefully it wasn't because of what happened... Later, Tito came over with his mom. 

Yuki seems to get along with Tito fine. The only thing is that I don't know how she really plays with other dogs without mistaking it as nipping/starting a fight. We all walked together, did tricks together and just hung around on the grass in the front yard.

Later, I decided to let them go in the backyard together, both off leash. Tito would run around a lot and I think Yuki was trying to play with her, but then it looked like she was trying to nip him. So we kept Tito from running. Then everything was fine. Maybe it's Yuki's hunting instincts that kicked in since Tito is small. Not sure, but she need more doggy friends -- maybe muzzled.

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  1. Shiba inus are not always great with other dogs, especially if they are of the same sex. Depending on her behaviour you can probably try to desensitize her to other dogs or if it's way milder give her time out when she gets too excited.

    Anyhow I'm not a big shot specialist :) but she's very very cute .


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