Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just around our Corner

Every time I'm walking Yuki around my neighborhood, we run into a lot of people walking their doggies. They always ask if I've seen this person or that person who also 'has the same dog as' ours. They mentioned a lady and a gentleman -- so guess what!

A few weeks ago, when my mom and I were walking Yuki in the morning, I had spotted a lady playing with her shiba in front of her apartment -- off leash! Yuki and I stopped to chat with her. Her name is Minh (or Min?) and her Shiba's name is Foxy. Foxy was very friendly, Yuki wasn't quite. I didn't have a camera on me, so I didn't get any photos, maybe next time! She walks Foxy different times during the day due to work, so I doube I will see her any time soon.

Yesterday, Yuki and I had finally ran into the gentleman and his two shibas, Taz and Buster. These photos were from my phone.

Of course upon approaching, Yuki got pretty excited and tried to nip. Taz was so adorable, playful and chubby! She rolled right over on her back so Yuki can sniff. Taz just wanted to play the whole time & would just roll over on her back so I can pet her. Buster, on the other hand, snarled at Yuki. But, boy was his coat like silk! 

Jorge & I talked for a bit and I asked if we could walk together to have Yuki socializing. We talked about our dogs lifestyles: what they ate, how long do they exercise for, how we got our pups, what we fed them, etc. The three walked together fine -- except for when Yuki would see other dogs passing by (alert, pulls, then barks). Taz and buster would try to sniff Yuki's butt on the walk, but Yuki wouldn't have it. Anyone know what's up with that? She does that a lot with other dogs.

 I talked to a lady two days ago, named Di, who was walking her Cattle/border collie dog. She told me she believes it's a possibility that Yuki is being Alpha which is why she doesn't directly attacks upon meeting a dog, but afterwards she'll try to nip. Ron and I need establish more that we are the Alphas.

Time for her walk, maybe we'll run into Buster and Taz again!


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