Friday, August 28, 2009

Socializing update

Yuki's socialization skills have slowly improved! We've been using the "leave it" command every time a dog is near. If she doesn't lunge and/or bark at them like crazy, I'll praise her.

There had been some stray/off leash dogs around & she'll just look at it, but not try to go after it at all. This shows me she's improving. But other times like...

Two days ago, my brother was skating Yuki & there was a loose dog that ran up to Yuki trying to sniff her booty. Yuki, as always, won't let dog's she doesn't know/trust sniff her. She gave the "back off" snarl & the dog started attacking her. My brother picked her up (he needs to stop doing that!). When he picked Yuki up, the other dog had already latched itself to Yuki's hind leg. He shoved the other dog off. The owners ran out and just kept apologizing & telling him that their dog is aggressive. This irks me because if owners know their dogs are "aggressive", they need to keep their dogs on a leash or keep a watch out for their dogs.

Since that incident, Yuki began lunging/barking again at dogs. *SIGH*

We just need to be very consistent & hopefully she'll be fine when a dog is walking by.

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