Wednesday, September 09, 2009


9/11/2009 UPDATE: Shero has been pulled out of the shelter! Woo hoo! I had called Al & Ruth to ask for an update of Shero & she had told me that someone already got her. Awesome! I would love to meet the person who has given her another chance!

I went to the shelter yesterday to visit a tan, unaltered Shiba named Shero. She is about 10 years old and so friendly! She came in with another shiba, that unfortunately had to be put down because he was very sick -- So I'm pretty sure she gets along with other dogs. She still has energy to trot around and sniff a lot. She's very calm & curious.

She doesn't "go" in her pin a lot. when they let her out of her kennel, she went poo about 5 times, possibly because she held it in, I guess she might be house-trained?

I put her under IP to hold her for 2 days before they put her down & I also contacted Al & Ruth, a Shiba Rescue here I met while adopting Yuki.

Tomorrow is the last day, Thursday, September 10th.

All she needs is a good home, someone to give her another chance to enjoy her golden years. A bath & a brush will just do her good to look like a teddy bear that she is. A happy little tan shiba. Anyone seriously interested, please leave a comment or call Al & Ruth at 805-889-4307, leave a message & mention that you got the information from Julie.

I know she has very little time, but I'm also considering adopting her. It's a little difficult with Yuki being a little bit on the aggressive side...

here is the website on where you can find her: Shero

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