Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's New?

Wow, I haven't written in here in awhile! Since the last time I have written in here... Well, I don't remember much! Lol.

Yuki's has progressed a bit on her social skills. I noticed, recently, she deals with calm off-leash dogs better than she does with leashed. People are surprised when I tell them, "Yuki did better this time than other times!" They tell me, "Seriously? She was really bad, though." I guess thats how bad she is.

I have faith in her. It's been 9 months of work & I do see progress. Slowly, but surely.

Oh! Yuki has met Kage and his buddy Pixi the Shiba Inus. Yuki was a bit annoying because she kept barking. Not a playful bark.

L-R: Yuri, Kage, Pixi & Yuki

This photo was the most decent one I got of them. Here are a couple of more photos of that day: 01062010

I'm hoping we can do more meet-ups because I would love for Yuki to have friends to play with.

There's a neighborhood Shiba named Foxy that is always running around off-leash. She runs around Yuki & taunts Yuki to chase her. At first, Yuki gets a bit annoyed. But a few seconds after, all she wants to do is play with her.

I feel bad because I can't let Yuki off-leash. Well, I don't want to even try because I don't know if she'll run away. She gets so easily distracted.

Well, that's all folks. Here's the latest photo of Yuki:


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