Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All is well with Yuki. Happy pup whenever she sees her buddies, Taz & Buster. Still iffy with strange dogs.

The 6th Annual Shiba Picnic is around the corner, July 16th to be exact. As of right now, my answer is: Yes, we'll be attending.

I actually scheduled an appointment with the pet communicator for Yuki during the picnic. I'm a little skeptical, but really eager to see what she has to tell us. Who knows, maybe she'll tell me why Yuki is dog reactive and what I can do to get Yuki to stop - though, I have a pretty good idea why already.

And.... I will be making desserts for #twiba owners! Nothing big, just bite-size sweets.

I have another project for the Etsy shop. I'm looking forward to getting it all done because part of the proceeds will go to Saving Shibas Inc. this time. I might have it up next week if i have them done this week.

I am also making Masako's business cards for the rescue. I will get it some time this week - hopefully along with the project.

Also, check out: http://caninecocktailpawty.org/ because Jenna & Snick are doing a wonderful thing to help Emma raise funds and awareness for military families! Please check it out. It will be a LIVE pawty in New York. If you're in town, maybe you can go check it out!

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