Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Walking with Rocky

This morning, I decided to head over to my cousin's house for our morning walk. As we were a light, a man beside us asked what breed Yuki was. & told me he has 2. I would have asked him if we could have them meet up sometime, but his light turned green (lol).

Any who, when we got there, I asked my cousin to take their new pup out to walk with Yuki.

Yuki got into her usual reaction:
1. heel (watches carefully as the dog approaches from the distance)
2. lunging (as the dog gets near)
3. barking (when the dog is close)
4. stops (when the dog has passed, or she's tired from barking)

We walked a bit further ahead because Rocky was still getting used to his lead. As Yuki sniffed around, she would look back & continue her 1 through 4's. It took about 15 minutes into the walk & a lot of praising every time she wasn't reacting before they were able to walk closer to one another. The rest of the walk was fine.

It takes lots of patience & training, but I can definitely tell that it's paying off by the decrease in the time that it takes for her to get used to other animals.

I don't ever think she'll be able to get along with any dog right away...


1 - letting dogs come, pass & walk away from her w/o reacting.
2 - sniff & walk away... or play instead of sniffing & going crazy.

Slowly but surely.

She's knocked out right now. Tired from this morning. A tired dog is a happy dog!

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