Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuesday's check up

Yuki got weighed in at 17.22 pounds. They said she had lost two pounds since her last weigh-in.

Yuki has been doing fine since the meds. We have stopped the Previcox and the Tramadol, but the vet wanted us to continue half-doses of the Gabapentin per day for another week.

He also wants us to confine Yuki for another week or two to make sure her pain doesn't suddenly appear

The vet didn't say much. He just kept repeating the same stuff.

I also asked him if it's possible that it may be a pinched nerve, and he told me that we would have to do an MRI on Yuki for that.

There wasn't any new news. Nothing mentioned about the lesion either...

I'm glad that Yuki didn't break anything, though.

Again, thanks for all your thoughts. Yuki sends all of you humans virtual hugs and kisses (she can really do it on command!) And barks, lunges and maybe play bows to the pups.

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