Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's been awhile...

...since I have blogged here. Does anyone still use their blog anymore?

I figured I'd update this because it's been a few years since I've documented anything. A lot has happened since 2012! In short: We moved 5 times since then. A very close family member passed away. I got laid off. I injured my hand from a recent job & it has gotten worse since. But honestly, I couldn't be more at peace within myself right now and with Yuki.

She's been getting shorter walks since living at our new home. The neighborhood isn't as great as the home I've had when I adopted her (from her 30-60 minutes walks now cut down to 15-20 minutes). She got attacked a few times here due to loose dogs & had ran away because my mom kept the gate open. Thank goodness for my brother who found her a few streets over sitting on someone's porch peering into their home. One of her teeth broke in half when she was chewing her bully stick, so we had to take her to get it removed - boy was she so cuddly and swollen from being drugged up!

I believe I summed it all up. She's still the sweet-face dog who jumps up to greet people and unleashes her alpha-female side with other dogs. She receives plenty of snout kisses, body rubs and behind-the-ear scratches. Still so very lucky to have her in my life.

Which leads me to our Chasing Paper Etsy shop. I have been working on new ideas & items for the shop for a few weeks now. Just working out all the design-kinks because I want to be sure I am 100% happy with it before I put them up in the shop. You know what they say... Artists are their own worst critics!

The shop is slowly being update with new policies and will also have a new name. I've realized I am not happy with "Chasing Paper" because it can come off sounding money hungry, even though that's not what it's intended to be - & that's not what I'm about.

I will keep updating when I can. Until next time...

❤︎  Julie & Yuki

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