Monday, August 09, 2010

Dog Bark Shiba Inu Meetup : Calabasas, CA

Yesterday, we took Yuki to an off-leash dog park for a Shiba meetup.

It was Yuki's first time ever being off-leash and being at a dog park. I was a little bit skeptical about her being around a large group of dogs and being off-leash (If you don't already know, we have been training Yuki & trying to get her socializing because she is/was dog-reactive & she ran away from home once), but thank goodness for our neighbors (they own 2 shibas of their own). Brent has always been confident in Yuki & usually ask us to let her off-leash inside their home.

We all walked Yuki in the gated park with the leash on -- i know that's what you're not supposed to do, but we did. Taz, our neighbor's Shiba, greeted Yuki first, & all was fine. Maybe because she was a farmiliar dog. Brent decided to unhook her leash & off she ran to meet other dogs.

Low and behold, she was fine! She got along with Buster & Taz (which is usually on & off back at home) and she got along with Sugar & Argos! She did act like she owned the entire park... and she had gotten into 1 & a half fights at the end.

A Chinese Sharpei had entered the park -- the usual meet & greet. Next thing we knew, Yuki and the Sharpei were fighting & we broke it apart. The Sharpei had 3 punctures on it's face, but seemed fine. I felt horrible! I apologized to the owner & he told me that his dog was hurt & that I needed to watch Yuki. I calmed Yuki down & let her go. She was fine the rest of the time. She also ran up to the owner of the Chinese Sharpei & caressed his leg like a cat (apology maybe? lol). He just looked at her with bitterness - as if he would kick her away with his leg. I just called her every time she was near him or his dog. I didn't want him to be angry.

Then Amanda came with Kazi & Yuki wanted to fight him because he wanted to play (she usually mistaken dogs playing as fighting).

I was a bit overwhelmed & thank goodness it was time for us to go because Ron had work. As we were heading towards the fence calling Yuki over, the Chinese Sharpei's owner picked Yuki up by her harness & dragged her. Lyle, a shiba owner, had told him that it was unnecessary. Then, Lyle and Brent had gotten into an argument with the C.S. owner.

Regardless of the little drama, we had fun! Yuki was so tired running around, chasing the Grey Hound and annoying other dogs, lol! We are looking forward to future meetups!

More photos from the meetup here: Calabasas Bark Park

Make sure you mouse-over the last photo because I tagged the meanies (minus Argos) in them, lol.


  1. Well - seems like a fairly successful day! Hey, dog fights happen - and my guess? That probably wasn't that dog's (CS) first fight. It was out of line of that owner to handle Yuki like that - it was like he wanted to physically get back at her w/o actually hitting her. Very uncool. But awesome progress for Yuki!

  2. Hi "Anonymous".
    That's exactly what we were thinking when we drove home, but I'm so glad it's over with now. & thank you, we hope Yuki keeps on progressing!

  3. goodness.. we didn't get to go to that meetup. glad yuki is ok.

    btw, our blog has changed. it used to be "shirokuma: out to steal your heart and your socks". now we're "a girl and two shibas". since my last blog, we've moved cross country to LA and have adopted another inu to our family. :)

    maybe we'll get to meet someday at another meetup?

    - Annie & Kuma & Hiro


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