Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October!

To start off the month, Yuki was such a sweetie. She was helping me look for my glue-stick in my drawing/art supplies bin. It was too cute. Unfortunately we didn't find it. So I went down stairs to make something to eat, while she goes & lays on the stairs. As I was about to walk up the stairs...

i looked at her... while she stares back a me like this:

What was this? Had she gotten into something she shouldn't have while I was cooking? I got a bit angry & I told her "BAD GIRL!"

I stood there thinking what she could have gotten into. Thinking... Thinking... Eureka! THE CHARCOAL DRAWING! I felt bad for saying she's a bad girl 'cause she wasn't doing anything. I just started to laugh. 'Cause look at her -- she has a beard! She's like an Inverted Black/Tan Shiba!

I tried to wash it off, & guys... I got a bit, so it's not as dark, but (sigh) -- NO luck! I guess she'll have to get a bath soon!

Oh.. I think this has to be the cover of her halloween exchange cards!


  1. that's really funny. the charcoal beard makes me think of those old woolly willy toys. (

    and yuki's adorable with or without the charcoal beard.

  2. Lol :) It so hard to get angry at shibas they just look so cute when they have done something wrong!

  3. *sigh... she's a mini-hisky 'cause we haven't even given her a bath yet!


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