Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yuki & Mushu

Mushu is a Multi-poo... or a Multese. He's still a puppy, a little under 1 year old, human years. Due to lack of exercise, he is very energetic. Jumping on you often, chews on the leash & tugging it like a game, runs in circles around you while walking him.

When Yuki first met him, he was still a puppy. Yuki didn't get along with him, even though he would flop over on his back for her.

During the (Lunar) New Year, we took both Yuki & Mushu on a LONG walk. As usual, Mushu had a lot of pent up energy on his walk & Yuki kept barking at him. Mushu managed to calm down. We also ran into a stray dog that was in the neighborhood. Yuki got along with him fine! All three of them sniffed here and there & got to know each other. The stray followed us everywhere, it was cute. We went around looking for his home. Somebody in the neighborhood took him in for now.

When we finally "tired" Mushu out & came back to my Aunt's, I was a bit hesitant to where I would leave Yuki. So we left her in the back yard with Mushu & Tito. Yuki was fine. Ron watched them for a bit incase anything went down. He told me every time Mushu got in Yuki's space, she would nudge his neck with her snout (because he's still an energetic pup). I wish I could have taken photos! Maybe next time.

I'm so glad she has another buddy now. I would love for her to go to a Shiba meet up. But honestly, I am getting a bit nervous thinking about letting her loose once we get to one.

"A tired Shiba is a Happy Shiba." Yuki seems to never be tired, even after Ron would skate her for 1-2 hours, lol.

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