Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I think you should adopt

There are so many dogs (and other animals) out there that are being put down to sleep. Why?

-Because people do not want to adopt.
-Because people turn in their pets because they're moving.
-Because they're too busy to have a pet.
-Because their pet turned out aggressive because they did not know how to train them.
-Because the pets are too old, and they want a puppy.

There are so many reasons & excuses not to adopt. But, there are so many reasons to adopt.

Most of them Are already house broken. They won't pee or poop all over the house. Less training for a busy person. Most of them Already know basic commands such as Sit and Stay. You may think, "so what?" If you've own a dog before, you'd know that the simplest commands will help so much. Most of them Can be left home alone, especially if you work 8-hour shifts. Most of them are crate trained, socialized and just needs a second, third or fourth chance.

Don't think twice about adopting a senior dog. Help them enjoy their golden years. There are also puppies, if that's what you prefer. Give their life a chance, because YES, puppies are also being put down if nobody adopts them.

I'll be honest, when I wanted a Shiba Inu, I originally wanted a puppy. I've done so much research on the breed & I read puppy books. I then realized, my life isn't fit for a puppy at the moment. I go to school & I work, so I wouldn't be able to give it the attention it needs. I began to think about adoption.

I looked at many shelter websites & I found two adult Shibas waiting to be adopted. A male in Pasadena & a female in Camarillo. & Obviously, I adopted the female. I'll admit, I was very tempted to adopt the male also, until I realized what I had gotten myself into!

Reading is not enough. Research is not enough. The information given to me was to prepare me for what I'm in for. Point is, I'm so happy to have adopted my Yuki. I love her so much, life would be so boring without her.

& make sure you are READY to be a parent to an animal. That includes Your home, your life AND your future. Beneath cute & cuddly, is a lot of work.

(By the way, there is nothing wrong with going to a breeder. As long as you go to a reputable breeder & not puppy mills or puppy stores, such as BarkWorks.)

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