Monday, March 29, 2010

A visit to the money-hungry vets.

So we took Yuki to the vet this past Thursday because she was due her Booster & Rabies shot. The vet asked if we had any more questions & we just told him that Yuki scratches her ears a lot. He told us that he'll take Yuki in the back to get her shots & check her ears.

He came back & told us how Yuki was doing during the shots, etc. Then he told us that Yuki's ears are a bit irritated & pink, so he told us we can go to Petco & buy Epi-otic or anything similar, but nothing blue in color, or else it will irritate her even more. After we went to pay, the bill was about $150! I was wondering why it was so high until she handed us 2 medicines: the overly priced 8oz Epi-otic (which was light blue in color!) & the Mometamax. & they only wanted us to use the epi-otic for 3 days!

Anyway, we began the medication the following day. Epi-Otic first, then the Mometamax. & here's how the days went:

Day 1: A bit smooth. On the last drop she almost bit me, so I muzzled her.
Day 2: It bit difficult this time. She took off the muzzle, but we got them in.
Day 3: VERY difficult! She bit us & took off the muzzle. We only got the cleanser in & never the mometamax. I had to call the Vet-emergency number & ask them if it was bad if we skipped the antibiotics, they said it's not reccomended, ask what was her breed & said, "OHH... YEAH, THAT'S DIFFICULT."
Day 4: (Today!) We didn't bother. We took her to the vet to do it because we weren't having it.

When we went into the room, another Vet-Tech was the one who spoke to us, not the original vet we saw previously. She told us that "HE" said we should just stop the antibiotics if she's acting like that, they didn't want anyone hurt. They said 'cause of her breed, it's gonna be difficult because she (Yuki) will let you know that she doesn't want it done. If things get worse with her ears they'll have to undergo surgery to remove all the bacteria/yeast.


She then continued to ask if I wanted to continue the antibiotics then they can put it in for us today, so I said yes! When she came back, she said it took 3 people to get the drops in & that Yuki had gotten out of the muzzle a couple of times (because of her head shape (small head, pointy nose) the muzzle wouldn't stay put).

Before we left, she said that it's free this time, but they'll have to charge us next time if we wanted them to JUST put in the drops for us.

I'm a bit irritated. Maybe it's just me?

Anyone know a vet that specializes in Shiba Inu's? Haha!


  1. Can you try putting the drops on with her elevated - maybe on top of the washer/dryer? Sometimes if their footing is not "secure", they will be a bit more submissive. I would try desensitization training with treats and "pretend" to put drops in. When she's good, give lots of praise and a treat.

    ps - would agree with you about the vet cost. It sounds kinda steep!

  2. thanks for the advice, masako! we'll give it a try. we have been rubbing her ears more often now, and inside her ears. she still tries to run away from us from time to time, even if we're not trying anything.


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