Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Start of the Holiday season!

Hello everyone!

A lot of changes are happening in my personal life & I'm becoming a busy bee, which has made me put the key chains on hold - APOLOGIES! But, now that the holiday season is here, I have to keep it on top of my list! Hence, I just listed 4 keychains.

Question: has any of you ever had your dogs teeth cleaned professionally? How did it go? Yuki needs a cleaning really bad.

Anywho! The other day, Snick's mom sent me a link (Again Woman Speaks) that made her (& myself) tear up!

I was watching Yuki the other day, as she stared back at me. I'm not quite sure her age (the Vet said maybe 3-4), but I can tell she's getting a little older around the eyes. Which brings me back to the link. Though we may have those bad days where everything just goes wrong & you want to just bundle up in the corner of the room, don't take for granted of even the littlest things in your life! & That little thing may even be your little pup. Not a lot of people understand why I talk about Yuki so much. Why I let her sleep on my bed. Why I have to walk her morning & night & why I take her almost everywhere I go. Only people who have dogs that love & care for them understands. Some people Think I'm crazy, but She's like my DOGhter (daughter, haha). Yes, there are boundaries with Yuki because she is a dog.

I'll sum it up & say what Jenna said: My dog had better live forever. Seriously.


  1. I agree. The "I Am Shiba" post made me so sad. I went over and snuggled Zuko immediately. And yes we probably spoil him (sleeps on the bed, good food, treats, daycare) and he also goes everywhere with us. He is our "little dude" and part of our family.

  2. Lol, I call Mika my DOGHTER all the time ;)

  3. Forever and ever and ever and ever... *sigh*

  4. I take Mika to the vet once a year to get his teeth deep cleaned. They do a great job.


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