Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bad news and good news.

Hello there strangers. Sorry I never got back to anyone on my past post. I forget about this blog sometimes and there haven't been anything interesting to write about since then, Until...

...many accidents have happened that it makes me feel like a bad owner!

A few weeks ago, I went into the restroom before bed and saw toilet paper from the trash all over the floor. Thing is, there was a golf-ball size of chocolate in there.

Last week, the night before we left on our vacation, I was terribly sick with the flu. We were starving and decided to go get dinner. When we got back, I walked into the room and saw wrappers - EVERYWHERE! I thought she got into the trash, but she didn't. She ate my coughdrops i had left on the bed. She rubbed it into my carpet and my bed sheets. I freaked out. Cleaned up the mess and searched online. Similar thing happened to someone else & thank goodness she only ate less than 5. They were the Luden's ones, so they didn't have any menthol. She's fine, thank goodness.

Lesson: Always be too careful!

I feel horrible, and i know all you wonderful pet owners out there are probably dissapointed in me. It's alright, I am emotionally beating myself up for it.

On to happy news:

Masako obtained a non-profit Shiba Inu rescue located in Southern California as of February 14th of this year! Yes, I'm 2 months late in spreading the news, but if you haven't heard - then celebrate!

The organization is called Saving Shibas Inc. Visit them at

I'm going to be a volunteer, but the documents I have to fill out won't open on my laptop - will be doing that on my desktop soon.

If you are interested in being a volunteer or donating, please visit their website for more information.

*Remember, every potential volunteer may help save a dog from the streets and kill shelters - no matter what rescue.

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